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亞太藝術市場報告 2015/16

Asia-Pacific Art Market Report 2015/16





Asia-Pacific Art Market Report 2015/16 : the channels for consumers to purchase artworks are mainly through art galleries and art fairs. These two groups take up approximately three quarters of all the possible art trading access. In terms of the volume of artworks being purchased, this analysis shows that the respondents’ group on acquiring 1-5 pieces accounts for 40.37% as the largest group of purchased artwork. As for the annual collection budget, the gathered results of the investigation from the respondents have shown a significant extreme. In other words, the annual collection budget that is above USD80,000 (24.21%) share the same percentage as the category of “None”. As for the types of purchased artworks, painting, sculpture and print are the categories that follow the sequence within the respondents’ collections. While making an art purchase, pure interest toward artworks is considered as the most evident reason on making art purchases.

The report compiled each year by Taipei-based research center TAERC, founded by Taiwan Art Gallery Association. The annual report is widely regarded as the most comprehensive summary of Asia-Pacific art market.

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