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亞太區藝術市場消費者行為分析報告 2015/16

Asia-Pacific Consumer Behavior Report 2015/16



《亞太區藝術市場消費者行為分析報告 2015/16》為 達 到 分 析 亞 太 畫 廊 聯 盟(APAGA, Asia-Pacific Art Gallery Alliance)八個成員國中消費者行為的客觀性與完整性,此分析中參與受訪者的地理分佈大多位於亞洲,佔了全體受訪者的 88%。然而,由於亞洲畫廊聯盟各成員國中藝術圈所發生的變動在全球藝術市場也扮演著至關重要的角色,所以這份分析報告將不只著重於亞洲的受訪者;因此,這份調查同時包含了分別為所有受訪者中各占 5%、3% 和4% 來自美洲、歐洲和大洋洲的受訪者,以便呈現亞太藝術市場整體與全球藝術市場的消費者行為之樣貌。


Considering the objectivity and integrity on analyzing consumer behavior within the eight member countries of APAGA (Asia-Pacific Art Gallery Alliance), the geographical distribution of the participants for this specific analysis is mainly in Asia, which accounted for 88% of the entire respondent pool. However, respondents of this analysis report is not solely concentrated in Asia since the art scenes happening within APAGA member countries do play an indispensable role in the global art market. Therefore, this report also contains respondents from America, Europe, and Oceania, which is 5%, 3%, and 4% respectively among the total of 216 respondents, so as to present an overall and global consumer behavior pattern that is happening in the art market of the Asia-Pacific region.

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