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亞太區藝術電子商務消費者調查報告 2015/16

Asia-Pacific Art E-commerce Report 2015/16



亞太區藝術電子商務消費者調查報告 2015/16》隨著科技的進步與 3C 產品的普及,藝術電子商務線上平台逐漸成為全球藝術市場的焦點。因此,本報告調查了受訪者對於藝術電子商務平台之使用經驗,以作為亞太地區線上藝術品銷售之消費者行為的參考。統計數據顯示,56.66% 的受訪者有瀏覽藝術電子商務網站的經驗;但是,不具有瀏覽線上藝術交易平台使用經驗的受訪者也高達 43.34%。事實上,此現象也反映出大眾長期以來對於線上藝術品交易可真正成為一個繁榮市場之可信度和可行性上的懷疑與顧慮。


Online platforms for art e-commerce has gradually become a focus for the global art market with the advancement of technology and the prevalence of consumer electronic devices. Therefore, this report has also investigated respondents’ experience with art e-commerce platforms so as to serve as an epitome for the consumer behavior for online sales of artwork in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the results, 56.66% of respondents have experience of browsing through art e-commerce websites. However, respondents with no experience of visiting online platforms for art-selling is also as high as 43.34%. In fact, this phenomenon reflects the longstanding skepticism of the credibility and feasibility for a prosperous online art trading market.

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