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Archives in the Digital Era: The Endeavors and Speculations of Digital Material Collecting


時間:2019年10月18日,14:00 - 17:20


Date:October 18, 2019  14:00 - 17:20

Location: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 (ART TAIPEI, Art Lecture)

Admission Method:Art Lecture entering is free with 2019 ART TAIPEI Ticket. 


Photography and Video

  主持人│曹良賓   Lightbox                

  與談人│周皓風  錄映太奇  庫藏統籌 

              陳敬元  錄映太奇  高級項目統籌 

              Moritz CHEUNG   Videoclub  策展人 

              葉杏柔  在地實驗  企畫統籌 



  主持人│呂岱如  策展人                    

  與談人│黃嘉淇  聲音掏腰包 執行總監

            羅悅全  立方計劃空間  經理

              黃鼎云  明日和合製作所


     Archives can be considered as extensions of libraries, not only do archives hold collections of books, they also preserve material such as historical documents, photographs and other multi-faceted objects. As we enter the digital age, our reliance on physical material as the vehicle for information transmission declines. The way information is presented gradually grows into the central topic of discussion. While information digitalizes, artistic creation also enters the digital era. The diverse form and content of multimedia art stimulate dialogues concerning the preservation and exhibition of digital works. With a gradual decrease in the number of physical collections and a continuous increase in digital pieces, archives in the digital age encounter collections and collecting approaches that drastically diverge from earlier archival practices. The preservation of digital collections become fundamental matters that archives are obligated to take into consideration. The Forum will utilize photography, video and sound collection as entry points, and discuss possible adversities, endeavors and speculations archives encounter when they collect digital material and operate in the digital era.


Photography and Video

   Moderator│Liang-Pin TSAO  Co-Founder, Lightbox         

    Panelists  │John CHOW  Archive Coordinator, Videotage

                  Joseph CHEN  Senior Project Coordinator, Videotage

                     Moritz CHEUNG  Curator, Videoclub

                     Hsing-Jou YEH  Chief Coordinator, ETAT 



 Moderator│Esther LU  Curator                                           Panelists  │Alice WONG  Executive Director, Soundpocket

       Jeph LO  Manager, TheCube Project Space

            Ding-Yun HUANG  Co-Founder, CO-COISM

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