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Founded in 2015, the Asia-Pacific Art Gallery Associations is a member based non-profit organisation that seeks to promote regional co-operation, communication exchange and synergy amongst members of art gallery associations in Asia Pacific. The Alliance has been founded by 8 of the most established and powerful Associations across the region and incorporated at its inception of individual member galleries.


The following summarises the governance principles and proposed structure for APAGA

  • The Alliance is based upon an equal regional representation principle of self-governing Associations.

  • Individual galleries will only enjoy APAGA benefits as members of each regional Association in the Alliance. Associations must bind their gallery members to adhere to reputable standards of quality, expertise and integrity according to their own code of ethics.

  • The Alliance will be open to Associations that have been legally incorporated in accordance with the laws and usage of the State under whose jurisdiction they fall. They must have a minimum of 2 years operating on behalf of individual art galleries focused on promoting modern and/or contemporary visual art. Beyond the founding member Associations, acceptance of new member Associations will be voted by majority. New members will be admitted with the same rights and equal standing as the founding members.

  • The organs that constitute APAGA are The Board of Directors (BoD), the Chairman and the Special Committees.




To be the leading body of contemporary art and living contemporary artists in the Asia-Pacific Region, through promotion, collaboration, participation and ethical representation.




To establish a strong APAGA presence in the Region within the next five years, through art fairs, conferences, awards and regional exchanges.


ChairmanAPAGA, Korea Chair (Galleries Association of Korea)


Regional Chairs and Directors to the Alliance

  • APAGA, Taiwan Chair (Taiwan Art Gallery Association) 2015-2017

  • APAGA, Hong Kong Chair (Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, HKAGA)

  • APAGA, Indonesia Chair (Asosiasi Galeri Senirupa Indonesia, AGSI)

  • APAGA, Japan Chair (Tokyo Art Dealers' Association)

  • APAGA, Korea Chair (Galleries Association of Korea)

  • APAGA, Singapore Chair (Art Galleries Association Singapore, AGAS)

  • APAGA, Taiwan Chair (Taiwan Art Gallery Association, TAGA)










  • 聯盟以基於各自治機構擁有平等的區域代表性為原則。

  • 各畫廊只有在加入為亞太畫廊聯盟之會員協會時才能享有聯盟之權益。各協會必須約束畫廊成員遵守其倫理規範,以維持聯盟的品質、專業及良好聲譽。

  • 聯盟對於位於主管機關所在地區,並得報經主管機關核准之協會開放,此協會至少營運及為當地各畫廊之代表兩年,並致力於提升現代視覺藝術。除了創始會員之外,欲加入的新會員需交由聯盟多數決決定,加入後和創始會員享有相同的權利及地位。

  • 聯盟的組成為理事會、主席及特別委員會。









APAGA,台灣主席 (中華民國畫廊協會) 2015-2017



APAGA,韓國主席 (韓國畫廊協會)



  • APAGA,香港主席 (香港畫廊協會)

  • APAGA,印尼主席 (印尼畫廊協會)

  • APAGA,日本主席 (日本藝術經紀人協會)

  • APAGA,新加坡主席 (新加坡畫廊協會)

  • APAGA,台灣主席 (中華民國畫廊協會)






Annual Report

Asia-Pacific Art Market Report 2015/16

亞太藝術市場報告 2015/16

Asia-Pacific Art Market Report 2015/16 : the channels for consumers to purchase artworks are mainly through art galleries and art fairs. These two groups take up approximately three quarters of all the possible art trading access. In terms of the volume of artworks being purchased, this analysis shows that the respondents’ group on acquiring 1-5 pieces accounts for 40.37% as the largest group of purchased artwork. As for the annual collection budget, the gathered results of the investigation from the respondents have shown a significant extreme. In other words, the annual collection budget that is above USD80,000 (24.21%) share the same percentage as the category of “None”. As for the types of purchased artworks, painting, sculpture and print are the categories that follow the sequence within the respondents’ collections. While making an art purchase, pure interest toward artworks is considered as the most evident reason on making art purchases. The report compiled each year by Taipei-based research center TAERC, founded by Taiwan Art Gallery Association. The annual report is widely regarded as the most comprehensive summary of Asia-Pacific art market.





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